The text file writing group from Prince Edward Island that would not die. Founded during the waning years of the PEI BBS scene, Rectal Anarchy attempted to follow in the path of such luminaries as Cult of the Dead Cow, RoR and Underground eXperts United.
I, pjmaybe wrote the first t-file and blatantly lifted the name from the aural collaboration of Merzbow with Gore Beyond Necropsy.
The content of Rectal Anarchy is a split between informational text and stories (ranging from fictional in whole to almost completely truthful anecdotes), and most of it is fairly vulgar.
The files come in dribs and drabs, the first one appearing during the autumn of 1997, and the first volume was ended with #35 in the summer of 1999.

Some other folks here at everything2 have submitted things through Rectal Anarchy, but unfortunately I don't know many of their usernames... so if any past contributor would like to post a note here, it would be much appreciated.

Rectal Anarchy, as mentioned above, is the name given to Merzbow and Gore Beyond Necropsy's noise collaboration. for your reading enjoyment, here is the list of song titles from this album:

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