A simple children's game. All but one of the children form into a ring, and a small item (pebble, coin, etc.) is passed from hand to hand around the ring. The person who is It stands in the center of the ring, and closes ier eyes. At some point, the person in the center of the ring opens their eyes, and tries to guess who is holding the item. Generally the children passing the object will continuously make passing motions, so when the person in the center opens their eyes they will see motion wherever they look. If the person who is It guesses wrong, they close their eyes and try again. If they guess correctly, the person caught red handed will become It.

This game is sometimes called Bird's Nest; the children passing the rock are trees, their hands nests. The item being passed is an egg, and the person who is It is the crow, who is looking for the egg. Other versions of the game will name the different players different things (cops and robbers, for example).

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