Red Line Oil is one of the most successful manufacturers of high-performance automotive lubricants in the world. While most companies produce petroleum-based engine oils and questionable petroleum-synthetic blends, Red Line produces only pure synthetic lubricants. Because of their special formulation, Red Line products provide significantly lower friction and increased protection.

In addition to engine oil, Red Line produces transmission lubricants, power steering fluid, suspension fluids, fuel additives, and WaterWetter antifreeze substitute. Many of the lubricants use the same polyol ester base as their engine oils, but are formulated to give the perfect properties for their specific applications.

Red Line claims that its products are so superior to standard lubricants that as much as a 3% increase in horsepower can be had simply by switching to Red Line oil. Their website carries testimonials of professional drag racers who became half a second faster (an eternity, in racing) by switching to Red Line products. There's a 300,000-mile Jeep that's never needed more than a tune-up, and a 200,000-mile Honda Civic that crossed North America getting 44 miles per gallon. They're impressive, but in the Red Line testimonials, they're buried by a hundred other cases.

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