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The Redbud is a common small tree or shrub which is found throughout North America. There are two main types: Western Redbud and Eastern Redbud. Not surprisingly, Western Redbud grows on the west coast of America, and Eastern Redbud prefers areas further east. They can be distinguished by the leaves, which are larger in Eastern Redbud, and by the area where they are found. Eastern Redbud also prefers wetter areas.

This is a beautiful plant which unfortunately isn't used much in landscaping. In the spring, it is covered in edible purple flowers. During the summer, it is covered by thick foliage. In the fall, the leaves turn bright colors. During the winter, the leaves fall off, but the bright red pods which give the plant its name remain. This plant is also horticulturally interesting - it is related to tropical plants to the south, and is the most northern representitive of its genus.

Red"bud` (-b?d`), n. Bot.

A small ornamental leguminous tree of the American species of the genus Cercis. See Judas tree, under Judas.


© Webster 1913.

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