The process of taking an unwanted, semi-disposable gift and giving to a second party. The advanced regifter uses the original wrapping paper or tote bag with colored tissue paper. Hey, recycling is cool.

The ideal regiftable is a showy item of low marginal utility. Examples of regiftable items: Obligatory personal observation: Note that it is crucial to ascertain whether there was a card present in the original gift, to save red faces later.
So, I was supposed to take my kid shopping for Christmas last week and rather than do that, she sent me a text and asked if it would be ok if I took her to get a tattoo instead. As she lay in the chair, I had some random thoughts pass through my head so I thought I'd try and jot them down for the sake of posterity.


I guess there are some you can
And then there’s some you just can’t
'Tis the season
A case in point

She’s got that scared look in her eyes
And her tears begin to well up and dribble down her cheek
As the tattooist’s needle begins to trace an outline on her shoulder.
and the preliminary form of a rose begins to take shape

Her left leg begins to spasm involuntarily
And her in right hand she clenches a lollipop
With one hand I reach out to her to try and offer some comfort
And she squeezes it tightly while we look in each other’s eyes.

While the tattooist takes a break, she keeps glancing at her shoulder
And after an hour or so, the rose begins to look like a rose
And her smile grows wider with each passing minute
And mine does the same

When it’s all done, she says “Thanks Dad”
And I say “Thank me in another ten years if you still like it”
I guess I was just glad to be there.
And I think to myself
I get regifted every day.

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