You are inside me and I
will not have it.
I must remove you from my body and mind,
Even if it requires a surgeon.

Your hooks are latched onto even
the deepest places inside me.
I feel you sometimes bumping into my liver
Dancing against my kidneys.

My shape already changes;
You feel the need to readjust me.
You control my limbs,
demanding my attention if it strays too far.

I douse my throat with Cognac
as if to kill a fire
Not thinking that the fuel will only
make the blaze worse.

Curse this blessed body,
distended sack of sugar and fat.
There is no sure defense, mind.
None in chemistry, calendars or latex.

It is too late for me now.
How you have grown, and changed your host.
My body is under your control.
I struggle not to tip in the sea of foreign emotion.

I dread the day you tear me open.
Wrest your way into the world.

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