1. A person who works at a Renaissance Festival, especially one that travels around the country. Apparently by analogy with Carnie for carnival folk. Rennies usually have lots of renaissance clothing, no health insurance, a mastery of Basic Faire Accent (BFA), and have a propensity to be pagan. This is the generally accepted definition by those who fit any of the other definitions. Rennies have a culture all their own that can be found all over the net, and do not always take well to interlopers.
  2. Anyone who dresses up to go to a Renaissance Faire. Such people have also been referred to as participatrons.
  3. deprecated SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) types. Many, though not all, SCAdians will bristle at the suggestion that they have much to do with Rennies. The SCAdians see the Rennies as playing fast and loose with historical accuracy, while the Rennies see the SCAdians as being stuck-up pedants.

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