Snood is a one of the more highly addictive computer games out there. Written by David M. Dobson, it is something like a cross between Tetris, Space Invaders, and Breakout. It is available both for MacOS and Windows 95, though it is somewhat unstable on the latter.

It can be obtained from

Update, August 2001: I have been informed that the installer for the Windows edition of Snood installs spyware, including the abusive Web-fraud program Gator. Please take precautions against this possibly criminal software if you choose to install Snood.

A snood is also a net bag used by women as a hair decoration. Snoods can have jewels on them or just be a place to keep hair. They look better than the drain.

Snoods were common in the Renaissance, or at least they are sold at renfaires.

The fleshy growth from the base of a turkeys beak which hangs down over the tip. Usually red in color.

Snood (?), n. [AS. snd. Cf. Snare.]


The fillet which binds the hair of a young unmarried woman, and is emblematic of her maiden character.


And seldom was a snood amid Such wild, luxuriant ringlets hid. Sir W. Scott.


A short line (often of horsehair) connecting a fishing line with the hook; a snell; a leader.


© Webster 1913.

Snood, v. t.

To bind or braid up, as the hair, with a snood.



© Webster 1913.

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