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If I left Everything today, just signed out and never came back, do you know what the biggest thing I've got out of being here would be?

It wouldn't be the glow of being C!hinged within moments of submitting my first writeup - though that was wonderful.

It wouldn't be the fun chat I've had in chatterbox and on #everything - though that is pleasant too.

It wouldn't even be the sheer pleasure of sharing an interest with my lover. Yes, he Everythings too. And no, I'm not telling you who he is. :)

No, the biggest, most long lasting, life consuming thing I've got from being part of E2 so far is...


"So what is this Snood?" I hear you ask.

I'll tell you, but beware. Once you start snooding, it begins to take over your life.

There are dirty clothes all over my bedroom. There are dishes in my sink. My children have been eating pizzas and vegemite sandwiches and my bed is quite unmade.

 What's that Lover? I've always lived like that? Yes, but that's not the point is it?

I think it was hramyeager who told me about Snood in my first week of noding.

I don't know whether to kiss him or throttle him, truly.

Snood is an arcade style game, a little like inverted Tetris. It's shareware, so if you'd like to look at it, www.snood.com will let you.

But please! Think carefully. Consider the ramifications before you plunge headlong into the World of Snood.

I'm in a constant state of Snoodness. My children squabble over the second computer for Snooding time. My mother has swapped FreeCell for Snood.

And my lover's got the Snood bug, too.

Sharing an intimate moment online... *cuddles* and *nuzzles* and even *licks* flying back and forth... I'm sitting with held breath, waiting for the next thrilling caress...

Yes Darlin'? I'm over-dramatasising the moment? Oh... Oh right...*sigh*

Anyway, there I am, waiting for him to speak again. And waiting. And... waiting.
And getting slightly concerned...

Trina says:
Love? Hello?

Lover says:
*blush* I got sucked into Snood. I just beat Evil with four million, seventy-three hundred thousand and seventeen points.


That's Love.

And that's Snood :)

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