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Frozen Bubble is a cute little game. It is written in perl and uses SDL. Unfortunately, it is still X11 only. But never fear, Windows users, the Frozen Bubble guys have you covered. Along with the source code, they provide images that you can boot, just so you can play Frozen Bubble. How considerate.

The game itself is rather simple. One has to knock away the bubbles on the screen (match your colors) before they get below the line and freeze you. Not only do they get closer to the line when you screw up and pile more on, but the ceiling closes in if you take too long. As simple as this sounds, it's a very addicting game.

The developers of Frozen Bubble are so kind that they even go so far as to accommodate the colorblind, and provide the -cb flag so that bubbles will have special markers on them. How considerate.

If for no other reason, you should check out this game because its developers are such marvelous people.


Full-featured, colorful animated penguin eyecandy, 50 levels of 1p game, hours and hours of 2p game, 3 professional quality 20-channels musics, 15 stereo sound effects, 7 unique graphical transition effects.

You need this game.

- Game home page

Frozen Bubble is a very, very good Puzzle Bobble/Bust A Move clone for *NIXes. You shoot bubbles around; once you get enough same-color bubbles to same lump, they all pop (potentially clearing more space, too). The point is to clear the whole playing feld.

(The Pelit once defined "puzzle games" very well, but the definition ended "nine times out of ten, the game is about arranging blocks." The 10th case would be about messing with bubbles... =)

It's set apart from most open source games by the fact that it's very beautiful, both visually and aurally. The music, done with trackers (masterful FastTracker II mods!), is very good and fits right to the game. I particularly like the one-player in-game music - calm jazz with ambient-esque background. The graphics are very impressive, fit very well to the Linuxesque theme of penguins and stuff - very cute indeed. Yet, not distractingly cute. (No cutified LinuxFox with big tail - that would divert my attention from the game...)

Gameplay-wise it's also very good. By default the game does not show the line of where the bubble is going to fly, though, and I'm not sure if there's an option to do that - but I don't care of that thing anyway because it'd make this all too easy =)

And upon coming to this node, I heard it's actually written in Perl and utilises the Perl bindings for SDL. Just last night, I had though of writing a module player in Perl just to show that it's possible, I'm crazy, and Perl is a Real Language... and along comes someone who writes equally amazing program. This program is enough to prove that Perl rocks, even for writing games like these. Long live Perl! Long live SDL!

The development of the game was sponsored by MandrakeSoft. Authors include Guillaume Cottenceau (design and programming), Alexis Younes (Ayo73) & Amaury Amblard-Ladurantie (graphics), and Matthias Le Bidan (Matths) (sound and music).

Great game, and addicting as hell.

Home page: http://www.frozen-bubble.org/

Frozen-bubble is clearly a title-1 controlled substance under US law, and must be moved to non-us.

- Nick Moffitt in Debian bug report #143176

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