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A game featureing Bub and Bob from Bubble Bobble. The little fellows sit at the bottom of the screen operating an pointer on a big wheel. The pointer directs bubbles to the top of the screen where any coloured bubbles reside.

You control Bub or Bob and use them to aim the pointer. You fire the bubble with the fire key. As the game progresses the bubbles on the top of the screen progress towards you. If they reach the bottom of the screen you are dead.

You remove the bubbles by matching three bubbles of the same colour together through firing bubbles from the pointer. Irresepective of how many similar coloured bubbles are collected together, they only pop once another one of that colour is places in the arrangement by you. If bubbles of any other colour are attached only through the set thet you hvae popped to the top of the screen, they fall out of the bottom of the screen, hastening the amount of time it takes to clear the level.

In the two player version any bubbles you make dissapear appear on your opponants screen.

I was playing this game when Manchester United were played Bayern Munich in the Europen cup final. In the four minutes in which Man U scored all of their goals I was busy with a tricky level of puzzle bobble and missed all of the goals. Oh well.

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