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Junior High students, generally girls known for being wearing the latest fashion, no matter how much it costs their parents. Teeny-boppers are especially annoying to high school girls, as they seem to find ways to seduce the football team's quarterback.

A derogatory term referring to one or more categories of annoying youth. You know them... the ones who are hanging out in front of the mall because they have nothing better to do, bumming cigarettes to impress their friends, cooing about the new Leonardo Dicaprio film and sporting their new Abercrombie and Fitch threads bought for them by Mommie and Daddie. They come up to you with their fresh copy of Seventeen tucked under their arm like a preacher's coveted prayer book and they ask if it hurt when they drove a very sharp needle through your septum or how you got your hair that exact shade of blue. One way to avoid them is to remember that they usually have to be home before the streetlights come on. Yet another reason to stay in bed until mid-afternoon.

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