The piece of flesh and cartilage which ensures that you have two nostrils instead of just one.

A good place to keep a captive bead ring, a curved barbell or a septum spike.

Sep"tum (?), n.; pl. Septa (#). [L. septum, saeptum, an inclosure, hedge, fence, fr. sepire, saepire, to hedge in, inclose.]


A wall separating two cavities; a partition; as, the nasal septum.

2. Bot.

A partition that separates the cells of a fruit.

3. Zool. (a)

One of the radial calcareous plates of a coral.


One of the transverse partitions dividing the shell of a mollusk, or of a rhizopod, into several chambers. See Illust. under Nautilus.


One of the transverse partitions dividing the body cavity of an annelid.


© Webster 1913.

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