A fictional boy band from the movie Heathers. They sounded like Menudo. Their hit song (and the only song you heard from them) was Teenage Suicide (don't do it).

Big Fun were yet another Stock, Aitken and Waterman-produced act who had a few UK hits in 1989 and 1990. Sound-wise, they were pretty generic, fitting the 1980s eurodisco/pop mould that S/A/W had grown famous for; image-wise, they were just as bland.

Their hits included

and they had an album
  • A Pocketful of Dreams

Along with other bland S/A/W proteges (such as 'Yell!'), little was heard from them after their 15 minutes of fame; indeed, the S/A/W 'Hit Factory' was itself soon to see the end of its long reign of commercial success.

I assume these guys had nothing to do with the fictional band from Heathers; please /msg me if you know otherwise.

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