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Falling... plummeting, closing eyes,
Thoughts enveloping sounding waves,
Body crashing embodying coldness,
Drowning voices in pounding ears,

Breathe, a voice assures

She chokes, inhaling heavily and exhaling slowly.

Breath sinking,
Eyes opening upon light, calling,
Calling breakthrough,

What are you doing? a voice asks

Living, she thinks as she is taken under the waters surface

Its okay, a voice comforts

Her body fights the gravitational pull of the crashing waves

- Drowning -
Breakthrough calling,


She gulps in air and sea water

Open your eyes

Shes taken under again, light flickers off the waters surface telling her to resurface. She tries again.

Calling, light upon opening eyes,
Sinking breath,
Ears pounding in voices drowning,
Coldness embodying crashing body,
Waves sounding enveloping thoughts,
Eyes closing, plummeting... falling

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