The nickname of Jim Ignatowski, Christopher Lloyd's character on the television show, "Taxi". Ignatowski's birth name was allegedly James Caldwell, but he changed it to Ignatowski believing it was "Star Child" backwards.

Reverend Jim on fruit:
"I wonder about things; like, if they call an orange an 'orange', why don't they call an apple a 'red', or a banana a 'yellow'. Now 'blueberries' I can understand, but somebody explain 'gooseberries' to me."

Reverend Jim on television:
"Hey, Alex, you know the really great thing about television? If something important happens, anywhere in the world, night or day, you can always change the channel."

Poetry by Reverend Jim: (written for Elaine)
I saw you standing in a Manhatten sunset
Your auburn hair blowing from Atlantic winds.
Your eyes were smiling at thoughts far away,
Dancing to sonnets only you could hear.
If I could, I would build you a castle
In a world from some other time.
A castle I can only imagine
A castle only you could inspire.

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