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On Halloween, giving candy from your bag of loot to people who answer the door and do not have any candy to distribute. It is an excellent way to help dispel the idea that Halloween trick-or-treating is merely about gluttonous greed rather than being a tradition that reinforces imagination, originality, magic in everyday life, and a sense of community.

See trick or treating for older kids.

An alternate approach:

  1. Wear inconspicuous clothing that makes it easy for you to hide, but does not make you look like a serial killer.
  2. Acquire some typical Halloween candy. One bag of Hershey's Miniatures will cover most of a small college dormitory.
  3. Knock on a door.
  4. If no one answers, knock harder.
  5. If no one still answers, move on.
  6. If someone answers, THROW CANDY AT THEM. One or two pieces. Not hard, of course. Toss underhand. Aim for the midriff.
  7. RUN.
  8. If candy has not run out, return to step 3.
It is very important that you refuse all requests for information about who you are and what you're doing (unless they come from the authorities), and that you avoid eye contact. Some of your marks may peek out the door and ask questions insistently. Simply carry on, glancing at them with a nervous smile. If they become more bold, you may be forced to flee. If they back you into a corner, throw more candy at them until they leave an opening for you to escape.

Several dormitories can be covered quickly, leaving you with the thick plastic sacks the candy comes in stuffed into your pockets, feeling like a stranger, removed from the world, empty but light.

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