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A non-fiction work by Oscar Zeta Acosta

"Cockroach people," are Chicanos, Hispanics, Mexican Americans, or whatever you want to call those folks descended from indians mixing with Spanish colonials. Revolt is actually quite an involving book with plenty of pot and 60s type drug tales, righteously angry Chicanos, dumb and racist power-mongers, Acosta's corral of under-age, hippie lovers, and Acosta in the middle trying to balance his want for justice and a good time.

The bulk of the book traces Acosta's involvement as the lawyer for various Chicanos protesting LA racism and trying to move towards a militant revolt to get Atzlan back, the land stolen from the cockroach people by the white man: basically much of the Southwest.

Hunter S. Thompson appears in it briefly as "Karl King," the name Acosta give him in his other book as well. Thompson wrote an article along the the same lines as Revolt, "Strange Rumblings in Aztlan," which appears in The Great Shark Hunt.

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