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A credit card like object which British Supermarkets and now, most other retailers have foisted upon consumers.
I believe that Tesco was the first to introduce them.

The card is swiped at the checkout each time one makes a purchase in a store belonging to the chain, in return for "Points", which are a bit like XP, except more useful because you can spend them on shopping. Sainsbury's, for example, awards 2 "new" points for every pound spent in one of its stores, which are worth half a penny each. You can also receive extra bonus points by purchasing whatever product they are trying to push this month. It's a fun game, but what does that penny in the pound buy for Sainsbury's?

Data about me, about you, about our shopping habits and buying patterns - data used to re-design stores and test advertising campaigns. With data mining, who knows what it's being used for?

Paranoid types worry about this additional intrustion into their everyday lives.

Thanks to ConfusionTheWaitress who said "Contrary to your Reward Card write-up, I'm pretty damn sure that Sainsbury's were the last of the popular supermarkets to introduce them after a long period of saying they wouldn't. Tesco might have been the first." and made this node more accurate!

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