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Australian-born actor-musician best known for his hit song Jessie's Girl. Rick was born Richard Lewis Springthorpe, on 23 August 1949, in Sydney. He starred in and played music for Mission Magic, a Saturday-morning cartoon of the mid-70s; and later rose to prominence playing Dr. Noah Drake on General Hospital from 1981 to 1983, after having previously played on The Incredible Hulk, Battlestar Galactica, and similar fare. According to Springfield, the acting was his day job until his music career took off.

Springfield is one of those musicians who are considered one-hit wonders because they're only frequently associated with one of their songs (Jesse's Girl), even while many of them are fondly remembered. Other songs Rick is known for include Human Touch, I've Done Everything For You, Don't Talk To Strangers, and his version of Gloria. I've also heard him cover Jimi Hendrix's Fire and The Kinks' You Really Got Me during a live show.

His fanbase currently consists of people stuck in the 80s (like myself) and MILFs (the major reason I've actually seen him play live).

Sources: VH-1, IMDB, RickSpringfield.{com|net}, and concertgoing experience.

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