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Living in this day and age, you see the human race getting very imaginative with what it's given. Take those free AOL CDs for example. What good are they? Well, if you need some good clean fun, here are 61 things to do with an AOL CD. Other than what's on there, people have actually tried using the AOL CDs for the forces of good instead of trying to get them into their recyclables. Here are a few things I've seen done:

  • Christmas tree ornaments. (Our local library had a whole crap load of the CDs around and decided to let the kids decorate them with glue, glitter and construction paper to decorate their Christmas tree.)
  • Wall decorations. (The computer store in town is actually taking people's free CDs that they get in the mail and gluing them to their plain white walls with the tops facing out to give the place a new look.)
  • Art supplies. (The sculpture class at my school used the free AOL CDs in a few of their projects, including making vessels out of them. Note to reader...they leaked.)
  • Coasters. (My friends do use them for coasters.)
  • Halloween costumes. (A couple kids at my school took a set of pajamas and sewed AOL CDs to it, and one of them went trick-or-treating as the AOL Monster. The same kids later took a cardboard box and taped free AOL CDs to it and made a play robot that they took around the whole cafeteria. Another note to readers: don’t try this at home as the teachers can give out detentions for having AOL where kids are trying to eat.)
  • An alternative to having your car repainted. (A friend of mine collected free AOL CDs and attached them with only Heaven knows what to the outside of her car, bumper to bumper. Now, we all call it the Piece of Shit Car.)
  • Many a drag queen use the CD's as big (BIG) hoop earrings. Usually the CD will be paired with a Milli Vanilli or Yanni CD for the ultimate in social commentary. ~WolfDaddy
  • The best use I've seen for free aol CD's is the worlds cheapest mirror over the bed. ~GangstaFeelsGood
As I see more and more examples of people getting creative with free AOL CDs, I’ll add them on. And remember, folks, AOL is the Sweet'N'Low of ISPs. You get the taste, but none of the good fattening stuff we all love.

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