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Ride out

verb, southern colloquialism esp. with males

To ride out is to head out "on the town" with your friends with the most questionable intentions. "On the town" can mean the nearest line dancing establishment, pool hall, redneck techno club, out into the woods or along high voltage power line easements. Members of the opposite sex and drugs are certainly involved, most notably alcohol, pot, meth or nitrous (not to mention your favorite tobacco product). Riding out is a call for camaraderie and intoxication and totally gonna get some tonight, man. A ride out is when one dresses in their best Realtree and Timberlands, possibly even overalls and NASCAR t-shirts in order to impress the chicks one will meet. Mullets are primped and skinny moustaches are trimmed, trucks are washed and exhaust systems are loudened. Riding out is an event, a time to get stupid and shoot road signs, the time and place to declare your alpha male redneckness.


"C'mon, Bryan, let's ride out to the Coliseum in Americus, get a $15 fishbowl of Long Island Iced Tea and pick up some drunk sorority chicks!"


"Yeah, me 'n Kurt were ridin' out, just drinkin' Bud 'n shootin road signs when his truck ended up ass end in a ditch. Don't reckon i know how it happened."

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