A type of stagehand. Riggers are responsible for flying (hanging) items from the ceiling of a building and doing it safely. They are trained in load handling and working with the rated strength of the building they are working in.

When you go to a rock concert and see all those lighting trusses hanging from the ceiling by chain motors, how do you think those motors got up there? Riggers put them there.

Riggers are generally good guys, as putting themselves in situations that could instantly cause your death and is avoided by most people gives them a certain zen sense.

They are also kinda piratey, but in a nice way. I guess it has to do with hanging from ropes suspended way-too-fucking-high in the air.

Rig"ger (?), n.


One who rigs or dresses; one whose occupation is to fit the rigging of a ship.


A cylindrical pulley or drum in machinery. [R.]


© Webster 1913

Rig"ger, n. (Painting)

A long slender, and pointed sable brush for making fine lines, etc.; -- said to be so called from its use by marine painters for drawing the lines of the rigging.


© Webster 1913

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