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The Everything Stage Rigging Metanode

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Nearly all forms of modern performance art are dependant upon the the ability to safely hang scenery and lighting above both the stage and the audience. Concerts, theatre, film, television, even corporate tradeshows all make use of this valuable field.

Unfortunately, stage rigging is one of the most dangerous fields in all the varied branches of Entertainment Technology. Riggers, especially High Riggers have one of the highest mortality rates in the theatre profession. The risk associated with this work does not come without benefits. In addition to the adrenaline rush rigging can provide, its skilled practitioners are among the highest paid in the entertainment industry.

This node attempts to provide an overview of the varied aspects of rigging, with an emphasis on the rigging and flying of scenery for the theatre.

The Counterweight Fly System (overview)

Loading Procedures for Counterweight Systems

Hemp and Sandbag Systems (overview)

Other Rigging Systems


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