Since 1989, Ringo Starr has occasionally convened his All Starr Band to tour the summer concert circuit, hitting big outdoor amphitheaters in the United States, plus (usually) venues in Japan or Europe.

It's an aptly named band. Ringo usually collects a strong set of nostalgia musicians, recognizable names in varying degrees of has-been status, who add their past hits to the set list. Ringo himself plays the drums and sings his own hits (Photograph for sure), as well as his Beatle songs (Yellow Submarine, With a Little Help from My Friends, etc.).

The 2001 All Starr Band, and the songs each member contributes:

Previous All-Starrs:

A 3-CD collection of live All Starr tracks was released in 2001, titled The Anthology ... So Far.

-- Rolling Stone, August 16, 2001
-- Abbeyrd's Beatles page:
-- Chip Madinger's Ringo setlists:

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