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This is a fun Discordian Zen practice used to introduce chaos into your daily life. By adding random elements to your regular routine, new experiences (and even viewpoints) can be achieved.

Originally, the rite was run by a man/organization known as "Tundra Wind" out of Monte Rio, CA. Unfortunately, by the time I got around to writing him, I was politely informed that he was no longer practicing Zen, so the rite had been discontinued.

The way he ran it was like this: each practicioner would take five 3x5 index cards and write one action or activity on each card. Then they would send them to him. Once he had enough cards, he would shuffle them and send five random cards back. When you received the cards, you would perform each activity on them. (You could always veto ones you that you felt uncomfortable with.) Then, you would send the cards back. Once he had enough for a decent-sized pool again, he would start another round.

(You can read the original text of the rite at this URL: http://www.paganlibrary.com/humor/discordian_zen.php )

This sort of thing works best when the contributors don't know each other, so there's no ideas about activities that an individual "should" be doing. It's completely anonymous both ways. This is why it would be perfect for the internet. A simple randomizer on a webpage would suffice, and people could e-mail in activities. I would do it, but I find writing even simple code very frustrating. Any takers?

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