If you knew, you'd know it's the way of acknowledging the existence of shared experiences or knowledge without having to explain the reference in detail.

"Softlink binge: If you don't softlink it, I will#IYKYK"
-- me

"An open window? Defenestrate! — #IYKYK"
-- also me

Slang commonly used in online conversations and social media posts since 2016 (thanks Urban Dictionary), although it really gained traction since 2020 (thanks Tik Tok), as the life cycle of such things post-Y2K are wont to be. Indicates that the poster or texter (or noder) is targeting a certain demographic, be it for an inside joke or editing for brevity when sharing related content. Not as prevalent in hyperlinked media as the linked data may often be used to reveal the previously unrevealed information, which kind of defeats the purpose, know what I mean? However, it can be a pseudo-effective synonym when grasping at straws or avoiding excessive redundant repetition over and over and over again. Alternatively, can be used as a way around TMI.

To meme it, just use its acronym preceded with a hashtag as was done in the quotes above, inserted after the text and/or before any graphics included in your viral content, if you know what I mean.

How am I the first person to node about this?

- Everything2 Memes -

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