An unrewarded behavior of weaving together Everything. Make the connections that seem right - find nodes with no soft links and connect the dots. Integrate somebody else's writeups!
la la la.
Doesn't use up votes. Doesn't add to your XP or node count.

Might make you warm and fuzzy inside, but i think that may require other extenuating circumstances (for some people).

And it lets you share your knowledge of the database with others - if you know a node that's related and sheds light on the current one, softlink it! There are so many ways to say any one thing. Softlink binging is not about inane commentary on the node. Softlink binging is about references, layers of knowledge, polyvocal readings, lateral thinking, and monkeys.

This is a way to add content to nodeshells when you don't have a whole writeup in you. A nodeshell, properly softlinked, can be an essay and a poem in one.

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