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I must note that hardlinking can convey hidden messages (no, not just with the pipe (|)). That is, creating a hard link to an expression can mean "please node this". Using this power properly can do interesting things, of course, assuming that others will obey this request.

kaatunut notes that someone whose name he can't remember seemed to think some alpha centauri quotations he noded had some phrases that inspired him to node

Also, I must say that I used to link all words that had any point of linking, but I've dropped that practice. I mean, what's the point? Apart from your HTML-style links (see blah blah blah), only really strange words and meaningful expressions should be linked, methinks. Wordlinking doesn't really serve people that much, and it makes reader's head hurt even if there is a node for every word linked.

kaatunut thinks to himself, does not node exist just to be linked to? what good is a node like "if" if nobody will link to such minor word?

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