Capital of Hawaii, far and away the biggest city in the state, with a population larger than the whole rest of the state combined. Although it is densly populated and quite urban, it's maybe ten minutes from unspoiled wilderness.

Honolulu, vision of palm trees waving in the tradewinds, unspoiled beaches in the middle of the pacific.

Honolulu, tall skyscrapers dominating Waikiki and Downtown, incongrously separated by wide stretches of two-story industrial and warehouse buildings.

Honolulu as seen from the ocean, small skyscrapers on a skyline of impossibly green mountains, with puffy tradewind clouds hiding the highest peaks.

The city and county of Honolulu, from downtown to the dunes of the seabird nesting area at Ka'ena point, with the giant golfballs sitting on the ridge above, on to the unspoiled beaches of Waimanalo and to the famous waves of the North Shore.

Honolulu, overpopulated perhaps, but with a harmonious mix of people whose ancestors belonged to Polynesia, to the East, and to the West.

Honolulu the tourist destination, and Honolulu the home of many. Sometimes seems like a shopping destination for Japanese visitors, always a beach destination, sometimes a historical destination with Pearl Harbor and the only royal palace in the US. A visitor recently expressed how remote Honolulu is, but Honolulu is the center of the world. Of course every point on the surface of the planet is equally at the center. Honolulu is not at the center of the Pacific (even Midway is only halfway between the US and China), but Honolulu does try to be an intermediary between East and West.

Honolulu, with all the problems of a modern metropolis, yet still retaining some of its magic. You can drive to and through a number of craters, Salt Lake, Aliamanu, Puchbowl, and the famous Diamond Head. Also Hanauma Bay, Koko Crater, and the shooting range between them. You can hike to a few more, including the ones on Koko head and the Ka'au crater in the back of Palolo valley. Morning and evening rainbows in and around Manoa.

Honolulu in Hawaiian means protected bay, and originally only referred to the area around the harbor.

Honolulu is certainly overdeveloped, but still captures the heart.

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