A Neon Genesis Evangelion fanfic of the highest order. Created by Eyrie Productions, it introduces a couple of new characters (DJ Croft and John Ellison) into the NGE universe, and then takes the story into an entirely different direction. An excellent piece of work.

Its only drawback is that it takes so long for new episodes to come out.

One of the best Eva fanfics ever written, of such quality that author Ben Hutchins could doubtless make good money as a novelist. Combines the fictional worlds of Neon Genesis Evangelion, Tomb Raider, 2001: A Space Odyssey, The X-Files, and X-Com.

It's over. All the episodes are out. And we have conclusive proof that the Eyrie writing team is composed of a bunch of evil bastards deserving of all the hate we are capable of spewing at them.

Damn them for making me like their series so much.

You see, they finished the last episode of the regular "TV Series" with a huge cliffhanger, not resolving anything. Rather, they promised to finish the story with Neon Exodus Evangelion: The Motion Picture. Which I should have seen coming, but since I'm a dork, didn't. It's been probably over a year since that last episode came out, and no "Motion Picture." Now, I understand that Gryphon's muse is fickle, and I don't hold it against him at all, but it would have been nice to know that the end wasn't really the end.

Addendum: As of May 16, 2003, the "Motion Picture" conclusion of the series is out, thus bringing all plot arcs to a conclusion. Word is that no further forays into the NXE universe are planned.

A note of correction is worth adding. While all the episodes of Neon Exodus Evangelion are indeed out, the final part of the series, referred to by the writers as the motion picture has yet to appear. Supposedly this will wrap things up to a satisfactory conclusion. Information related to the progress can be found on the NXE page or the Eyrie Productions Unlimited What's New page.

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