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Rodney Caston is co-creator of the great Megatokyo-webcomic.

He left Megatokyo after some time for reasons I do not know, but his spirit is still present in the webcomic, since the second major character - Largo - is inspired by him.

The now single author, Fred Gallagher aka Piro, has a completely different character and probably would have never been able to create a figure like Largo.
Nevertheless Fred is able to keep up Largo's spirit in the comic as it was thought of in the beginning.
I think that is because Fred knows Rodney Caston well enough, thus he can still put much of Rodney into Largo.

Since much of the fun in Megatokyo comes from Largos craziness (newly also embodied by Boo), I think one should not forget Rodney's importance to the success of Megatokyo.

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