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Rohnert Park is in California, south of Santa Rosa (the outlying scary industrial areas of each city pretty much touch), north of Petaluma and pretty much wraps most of the way around Cotati.

There's no downtown worth mentioning, just soul-less strip-malls.

The city is laid out into sections starting with "A-section" and going up to (I think; it's hard to keep track) as of July 2001, "O-section". Each section's streets are named appropriately. I live in A-section, the oldest section of town (built in the 1960s). Some of the streets in this section are "Alta Ave.", "Adrian Dr.", "Adrian Ct.", "Ansen Ave.", "Almond Ave.", "St. Alicia St."...

Rohnert Park contains Sonoma State University (SSU), some kind of giant State Farm Insurance collective, some random dot-coms, various semi-typical industrial companies, and a usual assortment of strip-mall type establishments like Safeway, Albertson's, Longs, Rite-Aid, Olive Garden, Red Lobster, Petco, Target, a 14 screen stadium seating movie theater and various other ways to make it just like every other city.

Rohnert Park was originally a Seed Farm and was then later developed into a city starting in the 1960s.; primarily by Hugh Codding.

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