A pretty good restaurant. A nation-wide chain I believe. Don't know if there are any in other countries. Known for mid-level prices and decent food. Serves mostly seafood and steaks, but like every other restaurant they serve the gratuitous Burger and Fries. I recommend the 'Captain's Plate', which consists of varied seafood items like clams, oysters, crab legs, lobster, scallops, all on one plate. Average cost is about 15 dollars a plate. Good food and also good beer on tap.

Red Lobster – enemy of the sea

Two commercials in Red Lobster’s bucket of media chum are quite disturbing and portray this seafood restaurant as a land monster that gleefully attacks marine life in order to vanquish consumer craving. These two commercials are almost so over the top that one expects the Energizer bunny to come to the rescue, but the restaurant is real, the message is clear, and the rabbit is absent.

Make no mistake, if you are an ocean dweller, the blood Red Lobster’s agents will not rest until your remains are being shredded to bits by omnivorous teeth.


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