A saying my late grandfather used to say. I derive from it that it means don't do something when you know the outcome will be bad. For instance, logic tells you that if you piss into the wind, the wind will blow the piss back onto you. Therefore, only someone who doesn't forsee the outcome of his current situation will do this.

Hypothetical situation: You are playing Quake on your computer and your machine dies. You diagnose the problem as being a bad mobo. You don't have enough money to buy an Asus or like board, but you can afford a SpaceWalker. You can either A) Piss into the wind and get the SpaceWalker, or B) wait until payday and get the Asus. Getting the spacewalker would let your system boot, but you would have a crappy mobo that doesn't work. Getting the Asus (or other good brand) would allow you to play your games again without the worry of blue screens or seg faults.

Hypothetical situation 2: You are driving down the road and realize that you are hungry. There is a Taco Bell in the immediate vicinity, and a Red Lobster 5 miles away. You know that if you eat at Taco Bell you will get the shits. Eating at Red Lobster would not cause this (In this situation you have enough money to eat at Red Lobster.) Do not piss into the wind in this situation unless you enjoy stomach discomfort or extreme anal leakage.

Remember these words; not pissing into the wind is a very wise thing.

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