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Chum is the name of the main character in the Sanrio character series Cheery Chums, and is a little girl bunny rabbit who loves to bake cookies.

Chum (?), n. [Perh. a contraction fr. comrade or chamber fellow: cf. also AS. cuma a comer, guest.]

A roommate, especially in a college or university; an old and intimate friend.


© Webster 1913

Chum, v. i. [imp. p. p. Chummed (?); p. pr. & vb. n. Chumming.]

To occupy a chamber with another; as, to chum together at college. [U. S.]


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Chum, n.

Chopped pieces of fish used as bait. [U. S.]


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Chum, n. --
New chum, a recent immigrant. [Australia]


© Webster 1913

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