The conglomerate group of chums with whom you gather to imbibe alcoholic beverages and carouse noisily.

Drinking buddies has traditionally referred to groups of men, but changing social norms are finally altering this concept to include both all-female as well as mixed-gender troupes.

If you are new to an area, and are looking for a collection of drinking buddies, it is usually best to forego the ancient ritual of standing on an upturned barrel with a tankard of stout in one hand and your John Thomas in the other, shouting "Ahoy! Ahoy! Ahoy! Who'll be my brewing boy?" as this has been known to cause confusion among the populace and savage beatings of the caller. Instead, try frequenting an alehouse which strikes your fancy, ordering something to wet your whistle, and making pleasant conversation with the regulars.

Conventional wisdom suggests that you also discard the equally ancient practice of dumping a full flagon of warm beer down the breeches of any passing squire to elicit laughter and merriment among your fellows. Not only are squires hard to spot in this day and age, but their breeches are much less forgiving of unwanted ale, as are the wearers themselves. Inebriated partiers have been known to find their drinking vessel missing upon waking the next morning, only to discover it wedged in a far more unpleasant spot once seated at table for breakfast.

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