The best time to invent a new drink is when you are already inebriated. With alcohol already flowing thru your brain, it makes it much easier to design with new drinks. Circumstances occur that simply require a new drink to be invented. Like they say "Necessity is the mother of invention". Here are a few concoctions me and my friends have come up with.

  • Potion: Bacardi and SoBe- Any flavor of SoBe will work. They all taste great. I came up with this one while drinking straight shooters of Bacardi with my friends. The straight shots were getting too harsh and I happened to have a SoBe Elixir (hence the name Potion). They mixed beautifully and I've been drinking Potions ever since.

  • Giogoshi: White Wine and Punch Flavored Jack Daniel's Countrytime Cocktails- As gross as this may sound, it tastes great. My friends and I were drinking white wine which has a tendancy to make you a little silly. I suggested mixing the JD Cocktails we had with the wine. My friends told me it was a stupid idea, but I talked them into it. Much to our surprise, it was delicious. The fruity flavor and the slight carbonation added a nice little something to the wine. When discusing what we should call our new discovery, my friend said "Giogoshi" in a drunken stupor. The name stuck.

  • Monster Juice: Any fruit (juices) you find in the fridge mixed with whatever kind of liquor you have mixed with ice in a blender- (I don't think I was the first person to do this). Truely desperate times call for desperate measures. The first time this happened when 5 people were fighting over 2 beers. The only other alcohol we had was some Jose Cuervo, which no one could drink straight. So we just put some in the blender, along with Odwalla "Vitamin C Monster" (hence Monster Juice), orange juice, pineapple juice, and some ice and blended it up. God it was aweful. But we were desperate. The second time we mixed Bacardi, slices of papaya, and some Kern's mango juice. It didn't taste much better than the original monster juice. Only make this if you are really desperate for a mixer.

  • Tabasco Surprise: Vodka and Tabasco Sauce- I asked my friend to go in the kitchen and make me another Bloody Mary (we had already had six or so at that point). She brought back a very strong, very spicy, very harsh drink. I found out a couple days later what the surprise was: apparently we had run out of bloody mary mix and my drink was made purely of vodka and tabasco sauce. No wonder I got so sick!

  • Twisted Devil: Bacardi, Champaigne, White Zinfindel, Sun Devil- My friend made this one up a few nights ago when she was smashed. She only drinks cheap wine and Baccardi so she decided to mix it all together. The drink is simply Baccardi, Champaigne, White Zin and Sun Devil fruit cooler mixed with ice in a blender. Absolutely delicious.

Please be sure to post you're unique mixers here. Share your secret drink so we can all enjoy it.

The Gut-Fuck

One day, about 5am, after a night of revelling in Glasgow's George Square due to Hogmanay, my friend and myself concocted this little beauty...

1 pint glass
1 can of Budweiser
Some Tequila
Blackcurrant juice
Lots of Sugar

Drink it down, spew it up, stay drunk!

Also works with - vodka, whisky, rum, any random spirit.

While attending a Lutheran high school in the Midwest I had the displeasure of sampling this concoction. We called it Burple after the fruit drink we made it from. When purchased the fruit drink container appeared to be a small brightly colored disc. By grasping the bottom and top and pulling it would accordion out to approximately a 2 liter container. It contained a sizeable amount of sugary sweet powder at the bottom. I believe you were supposed to add water to it. In the absence of Burple, I guess you could use any fruit drink powder. Although if you substitute you don't get to drink out of the big pink accordion bottle, and that's really half the fun. We would fill the Burple container with liquor. It wasn't really important what kind. We were kids, whatever we could cajole or steal was fine. In the interest of public health I will say that clear liquor such as vodka or everclear worked best. After emptying the entire bottle of liquor into the container, (about two thirds for you purists) fill the remainder of the container with a cola product. To kill the smell of liquor, at least in theory, add one tablespoon of Tabasco sauce. Mix vigorously. Consume. Many bad things can happen after the consume phase. Be very cautious when using the bathroom for several hours after consumption, this drink can give you Mighty Fire Squirts.
The Silent Green

Its inception took place in a condo in Vegas that I was, for some inexplicable reason, staying at for a weekend. Most of the people present were under twenty-one, and, therefore, we had to deal with the booze on hand.

The drink itself is named after a really bad pun I had come up with a week before when I was alone in the car, driving from Oregon to Nevada.

Here's how the magic goes:

In a shaker, mix:

then toss it all in a blender with a few scoops of lime sherbert and some ice cubes.

Hit puree.

Pray ferverently to what gods there be.

Turn off the blender, and sort between all the desperate dogs around.

This was, of course, a few years ago, and can probably never be recreated to its first form. It seemed yummy, but, as I recall, we were scratchin' bottom barrel for a drink.

Later in the night, marschino cherries were added to the mixture. As far as I know, everybody from that party grew up to be respectable citizens and can be found in positions of high power. Well, except for me.

Also, I'm fairly certain that, once upon a time, the Screaming Purple Jesus was invented by a bunch of drunk bastards.

The DC
(named after its creator, my roommate, who we call "DC Jive" simply because he deserves an awesome name.) Serve it mixed, on ice. You can tell how cheap your vodka is by how much the Bailey's curdles. Gordon's will give you fun little chunks which coat your glass, while Smirnoff will leave it smooth and non-disgusting-looking. This drink tastes like a mudslide with a decisive kick-you-in-the-balls twang to it. 2 of these will do well to put you on the floor.

The V2

(the official drink of The Xtension Chords)

Vess Whistle is cheap orange soda which you can get around here at the UIUC for $1.09 for 3 liters. It has the amazing ability to drown out all vodka taste completely. This allows even the most inexperienced drinker to get hammered off of what tastes exactly like yummy, bubbly, orangy goodness. Even better with orange vodka.


The MAM was the winner of a wholly unnecessary ad hoc competition in the bar at Hull University one evening circa 1990 to produce the most disgusting drink, with the losers buying and the winner consuming. There is no way that any party to the event was sober:

  • 1/2 imperial pint of mild ale (if unavailable, I guess you could probably use some kind of porter or stout. Doesn't really matter, since it will look and taste foul any way you do it)
  • one double shot of Advocaat
  • one shot of Malibu

Stir briskly and down in one with your eyes and nose tight shut. And don't say I didn't warn you.


1 oz. cheap gin,
1 oz. Fresca,

Mix the ingredients together, in a double shot glass. Drink.
An interesting drink that actually doesn't taste that bad. The flavors of gin and Fresca nearly cancel each other out, and the result is a nice mellow taste.

I have no idea where the name came from. Stuka is the name of a German warplane company during World War Two. Apparently it made sense at the time.

I saw a beauty my brother invented which was given no name at the time but which I shall dub the concrete mixer.

1 part vodka
1 part tequila
1 part ouzo

add lemonade. The less currently inebriated amongst you will have noticed that these are all clear drinks.

The drink knocks even seasoned alcoholics for six. It also leaves a hard, grey crusty residue on the glass that is like concrete, hence the name. It leaves a similar residue on the brain.

The Penultimate Screwdriver

The best way to make these is in massive quantities
  1. Put contents of orange juice concentrate into blender with milk.
  2. Fill OJ container with ice, cover with Southern Comfort; pour into blender
  3. Fill OJ container with vodka, pour into blender (repeat 2 times)
  4. Fill OJ container with water, pour into blender
  5. Add a bit more ice (top off the blender with the ice)
  6. Blend until frothy
  7. Drink up
Make sure you hide your car keys before making this one. It's called the penultimate screwdriver, because you'll keep saying "Just one more ..."

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