British slang for penis, dong, and one-eyed trouser snake.

A drink some friends and I came up with:
One fifth of gin
One fifth of vodka
Four liters tonic water
Four or five limes
One large container of lemonade mix

Mix it all together in a cooler (cut up the limes and squeeze the juice in). This is a great drink, especially for hot weather, because:

  • It packs a punch, yet it tastes light and refreshing
  • The alcohols used have fewer impurities, so they are less likely to cause a hangover (everyone reacts differently to different alcohols, of course)
  • All the tonic water keeps you from dehydrating, also decreasing the hangover
  • The limes prevent scurvy
  • The quinine in the tonic water prevents muscle cramps and can treat malaria.
The last two benefits are really just side benefits. It's the whole gets you drunk without causing a hangover thing that we really like about it.

Thomas, John, an American military officer; born in Marshfield, Mass., in 1725; became colonel of provincials in 1759, and in 1760, in command of a regiment under General Amherst, was engaged in operations against the French at Lake Champlain and at Montreal. During the Revolutionary War he raised a regiment of volunteers and was appointed Brigadier-General; took part in the siege of Boston; forced the British to evacuate Dorchester; and participated in the Canadian campaign. He died in Chambly, Canada, June 2, 1776.

~ ~ ~

Thomas, John, an Anglo-American religious reformer; born in London, England, April 12, 1805; came to the United States in 1850; joined the Campbellite Baptists, which sect he left to found the Christadelphians; returned to England in 1860, and lectured extensively on the new sect, converting many. He was the author of many books. He died in Jersey City, N. J., March 5, 1871.

Entries from Everybody's Cyclopedia, 1912.

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