The name of a grey styrofoam puppet who accompanied children's television show host Jason Gunn for many years.

There was an unfortunate incident during the live recording of the "Son of a Gun" show where Thingy nodded with a little too much enthusiasm, causing his left eyeball to pop out infront of a crowd of adoring fans.

Man that was funny.
A pop / rock band composed of two former members of Heavy Vegetable, Rob Crow and Elea Tenuta. They were later joined by Jason Soares from Physics and Mario Rubalcaba from Clickitat Ikatowi, who have since been replaced by Brent Asbury from Sterling Silver and Cameron Jones from Physics. Like Heavy Vegetable, Thingy is based in San Diego, and to the best of my knowledge is still in existence. They often perform in small clubs and bars around the city, and are occasionally found playing the Che Cafe in UCSD.

Thingy often has guest performers, which have included Pall Jenkins from Three Mile Pilot and Rick Froberg from Drive Like Jehu.

Staring Contest (EP), ?? Cargo / Headhunter
Songs About Angels, Evil, and Running Around on Fire, 1997 Cargo / Headhunter
To the Innocent, 2000 Absolutely Kosher

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