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Former hotshot basketball point guard and football quarterback at Hampton High School in Hampton, Virginia. As a high school senior in 1997-98, was named All-American in both sports, and verbally committed in September 1997 to attend/play for University of Virginia. Signed a binding letter of intent to go to University of North Carolina in February 1998, which pissed UVa fans off to no end -- they actually voted him Sports Jerk of the Year in a Tank McNamara comic strip for this, kinda comical if it wasn't so sad. (Second place in the voting went to "UVa fans who skewed the poll for Ronald Curry.")

When he got to Carolina, he proceeded to have a bad freshman season in football, as he was thrown into the fire when the first-string QB was injured in game 1, didn't play much in basketball, then got hurt early in his sophomore football season. Meanwhile, as a redshirt freshman, a player who grew up across Interstate 64 from Curry in Newport News, and played in the same HS district as him, Michael Vick, was lighting the world on fire at Virginia Tech, leading the masses to wonder why they hadn't heard of Vick sooner.

Answer: Curry. Funny how things even out, isn't it? Recent Carolina press releases have had Curry complaining about how "Vick stole the spotlight from me, and I want it back." Sorry, Ronnie.

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