these are charming little cakes. the cutesy poo essence usually associated with cupcakes is eclipsed i think by the unabashedly romantic rose petals. just a touch sentimental, a touch olden & delicate. they're also a very quick treat. i like them for sweets-only late supper parties with champagne mixed with pink lemonade.

(makes 36)

1. preheat the oven to 200 degrees celsius.
2. cream the butter & sugar together, before beating the eggs in one at a time.
3. mix in the rosewater or vanilla, then fold in the flour.
4. now divide the mixture between small paper baking cases about 4cm in diameter. fill them about 2/3 and cook on a baking sheet for around 10 minutes, until risen, springy and slightly golden.
5. cool on a wire rack.
6. place a dollop of whipped cream atop each cake, and sprinkle with some rose petals.

for a fragrant variation you could try crumbling petals through the batter before baking, and serving without the cream.

also, you might turn them into miniature butterfly cakes: cut a slice from the top of each cake, & then cut that in half. on top of the whipped cream (or maybe some orange curd), arrange the two pieces so that they look like wings. then dust with icing sugar.

*(these are imported from Iran and can be found in specialty food stores. they are delicate and intensely aromatic.)

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