The term used in the South and some other English-speaking places for the evening meal (more often called dinner in the rest of the United States).

Sup"per (?), n. [OE. soper, super, OF. super, soper, F. souper; originally an infinitive, to sup, take a meal. See Soup, and cf. Sup to take supper.]

A meal taken at the close of the day; the evening meal.

Supper is much used in an obvious sense, either adjectively or as the first part of a compound; as, supper time or supper-time, supper bell, supper hour, etc.


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Sup"per, v. i.

To take supper; to sup.



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Sup"per, v. t.

To supply with supper.

[R.] "Kester was suppering the horses."

Mrs. Gaskell.


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