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An unofficial Pixies compilation album, with tracks recorded between 1988 and 1991, put out by Blue Moon Records. Credited to The Pixies rather than Pixies. The sound quality is good, although a few of the tracks are cut off towards the end. There is a fair amount of repetition - Down to the Well, Wave of Mutilation, and Tame each appear twice.


  1. Hey
  2. Levitate Me
  3. Wild Honey Pie
  4. Caribou
  5. In Heaven (this is from Eraserhead)
  6. Dead
  7. Tame
  8. There Goes My Gun
  9. Manta Ray
  10. Down To The Well
  11. Into The White
  12. Wave of Mutilation
  13. Monkey Gone to Heaven
  14. Allison
  15. Wave of Mutilation
  16. Ana
  17. Palace Of The Brine
  18. Letter To Memphis
  19. Motorway To Roswell
  20. Subbacultcha
  21. Build High
  22. I Can't Forget (this is a cover of a Leonard Cohen song)
  23. Velouria
  24. Hang On To Your Ego (this is a cover of a Beach Boys song)
  25. Is She Weird
  26. Gigantic
  27. River Euphrates
  28. Tame
  29. Down To The Well
  30. Rock-A-My Soul

Tracks 1-5 were recorded at Maida Vale Studio 4 in London on 3/5/88.

Tracks 6-9 were recorded at Hippodrome Studio in London on 9/10/88.

Tracks 10-12 were recorded at Maida Vale Studio 3 in London on 4/16/89.

Tracks 13-15 were recorded at Maida Vale Studio 5 in London on 8/18/90.

Tracks 17-20 were recorded at Maida Vale Studio 3 in London on 6/23/91.

Tracks 21-22 were recorded at Master Control Studio in Burbank in 9/91.

Tracks 23-25 were recorded at PortaStudio Demo in LA in 6/90.

Tracks 26-27 were recorded at Blackwing Studio in London on 2/5/88.

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