Having to do with, or related to, the ideas of the French philosopher Jean Jacques Rousseau.

It is acceptable to write it with or without capitalization.

I know it's not much of a definition, but it's a devil to spell. I figured we needed it noded. For what it's worth, it can be applied to almost anything having to do with Rousseau, but I've seen it most often applied to Rousseau's ideas about human nature; humans are Noble Savages that, in a state of nature, keep to themselves, meeting only to mate. They are friendly creatures, always willing to help out a fellow human. This is their downfall; they begin to notice benefits to working together, and to living together. Soon the population starts to expand, and working in groups gives rise to leisure time, which is used to make luxury goods, which are addictive. Soon you have a market economy and a government. It's all downhill from there. Social contracts also come into play.

Here are some fun examples:

  • The Rousseauan belief that man was by nature good and open to infinite possibilities.
  • The Rousseauan "Golden Age" when humans lived in peace and isolation.
  • The Rousseauan myth that happiness comes from the primitive life.

If you're really into this stuff, you can use words like Rousseauism and Rousseauanism.

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