RoutledgeCurzon is a publishing imprint of Taylor and Francis Group and was created at the beginning of 2002.

At the end of 2001, Taylor and Francis Group acquired Curzon Press, an independent publisher which concentrated on publishing books on Asian Studies and Middle Eastern Studies. Routledge, another imprint of Taylor and Francis Group, already had an established and expanding portfolio of Asian and Middle Eastern books, therefore the company decided to unite the books of Curzon Press with these Routledge titles, creating the new imprint RoutledgeCurzon.

RoutledgeCurzon publishes around 300 new titles each year. Areas covered by their range of books include China, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, India, Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan and many others. They also have an expanding list of Russian Studies titles. Subjects covered with the areas include Politics, Economics, Sociology, Religion, Culture and Language and Linguistics.

They are an academic publisher, and over three quarters of their publications are monographs - highly specialist research works usually for a niche market. These books are mostly published for sale to libraries. They also publish textbooks for student use, and supplementary titles, for contextual reading and complimentary background information.

RoutledgeCurzon's head office is based in London, within the head office for Taylor and Francis Group. They also have offices in Oxfordshire, New York and Philadelphia. Their online presence can be found at

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