The Royal Marines Reserve is a subsection of the British Royal Navy. It consists of volunteer individuals who have undergone the same commando training as regular marines, and who serve alongside the Regular Corps members in times of war or crisis. 10% of the Reservists are currently serving on long-term tours with regulars.

You need to be between 17 and 30 to join the RMR, and could come from a variety of backgrounds: some are former Territorial Army members, some are civilians with no previous experience in the armed forces, and some are ex-Royal Marines.

Training is rigorous - to pass the initial selection weekend it is suggested that you arrive at it able to run three miles comfortably and lift your own upper body weight. It gets a lot tougher than this, and the year you spend in training involves activities such as speed marching nine miles in ninety minutes and thirty-mile marches. You will also receieve weapon training, map-reading training, survival skills and first-aid skills.

After you've completed your one year training course, which culminates in the commando course and a live fire exercise, you receieve your green beret and are eligible for continued arctic warfare training and perhaps even an Officer's commision.

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