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film-(1993)-starring Ashley Judd
directed by Victor Nunez (who later wrote/directed Ulee's Gold).

This is a sparse quiet little movie that is about a woman who chooses to leave her home and her new husband in the South to start a life for herself on her own. She moves to Panama City Beach, Florida, where her family used to vacation when she was a small child. The film is shot in a style that is almost like a documentary, with voice-overs by Judd as she writes in a diary.

Not a great deal happens. What we see, while nothing much is going on, is that this young person decides that independence is worth the sacrifice and that you cannot relive the past. You neither envy or feel sorry for these characters. They are mostly simple, quiet people trying to make it from day to day. Seasons change, even on the Gulf Coast, and sometimes, people do too.

*thanks to IMDb for details

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