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You built such a beautiful castle
Inside which you now dwell
Every detail is so intricate
And each hand-chosen shell
Is embedded with precision
Down to each minute detail;
It’s a beauty to behold
This structure glittering with gold.

The sunlight does it justice
In its shadows and its light
The interplay’s spectacular
And it stands out in the night
When the stars are but a backdrop
For the borderlines finite
That entertain invisibly
Stories spanning to infinity
Unfolding through the hidden spaces
You see with your imagination.

Bit by bit you built it onward
Molding what you so much wanted
Now you live inside it
Not apart from castle’s walls.
It’s slavery wrapped inside beauty
He’d never break apart now, would he?
Who would leave behind the world
To just disprove its iron hold?

Immersed inside of the precision
You blur the borders from your vision
Remember how it came to be
Each speck triggers a memory
How slowly day by day it grew
Each memory’s bound straight to you
And wraps you in your own sinew
Now find how painful to undo.

And as you build it ever higher
Stacking floor upon each floor
Winding staircases grow mazelike
And obscure the door.
Farther you go from the ground
Enamored by the dream you’re bound to
Forgetting the few faulty bricks
You used to start your palace
Way back when, ignored the cracks
That didn’t seem quite right
You decided to press on regardless.
Do you realize now at least?
No matter how strong the lure it’s
No fix to keep building turrets.
Regardless of how grand a sight
You’re building brick by brick upon
Loveliness to one day come undone.

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