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A character in the Various Tenchi Muyo Cartoons, fanfics, mangas, movies and hentais. Ryoko is a green haired demoness who was created by Washu's egg and some Masu (in the OAV). Supposedly an evil space pirate, shes not actually evil, however under the force of Kagato she attacked Jurai and quite a few other places for approximately 2300 years, before finally being tracked down by Yosho and being imprisoned for 700 years before being eventually let out by Yosho's Grandson Tenchi, (whom she is hopelessly attracted to.) Although she is over 3000 years old, the net result of her various imprisonments has been that emotionally and intellectually speaking shes still 17 years old. According to the Manga (which is in the same universe as the OAV), she has the latent power to generate the Light Hawk Wings, suggesting she happens to be somewhat of Jurai royal descent because of the gems on her wrist. She also eventually becomes Tenchi's daughters (Mayuka) god-mother.

In Tenchi Muyo, Ryoko sometimes has a tail. It looks like a cat tail, and whether it's there or not doesn't seem to follow much of a pattern.

This is one of the unexplained things in the Tenchi Muyo series. Other unexplained things are the technology of the planet Jurai, and how a cabbit weighing a few pounds can turn into a spaceship weighing many tons.

Ryôko is one of the most common Japanese given names for females. Famous Ryôko's include Japanese idoru Ryoko Hirosue and Ryoko Yonekura, pornstars Ryoko Mitake and Ryoko Kato, manga artist Ryoko Yamagishi, and perennial judo champion Ryoko Tamura.

There are 20 known ways to write the name "Ryoko" using Japanese Kanji, each with its own meaning (although I'm not exactly sure why anyone named their daughter after an imperial hill-tomb):

良子 “"good child”
諒子 “considerate child”
涼子 “refreshing child”
亮子 “lucid child”
玲子 “tinkling of jade child”
量子 “measuring child”
綾子 “twill child”
了子 “complete child”
竜子 “dragon child”
遼子 “distant child”
凉子 “cold child”
稜子 “majestic child”
燎子 “signal fire child”
糧子 “provisions child”
陵子 “imperial hill-tomb child”
杏子 “apricot child”
僚子 “companion child”
鐐子 “platinum child”
凌子 “perseverance child”

Of course, one can also always use hiragana (りょうこ) or katakana (リョウコ) as well!

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